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The Bridge at Bay St. Joe has received accreditation for 2014 as a skilled nursing facility actively performing Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement activities.

The accreditation, presented by independent accreditor Providigm, LLC, demonstrates that the facility is continually assessing residents’ quality of life with regard to concerns such as pain, dignity, respect for resident choice, and quality of care problems such as whether there are enough staff to meet resident needs, weight loss, infections, rehabilitation following acute injury or illness, and prevention of readmissions to hospital.

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We like to refer to The Bridge at Bay St. Joe as ‘paradise’ because we believe paradise is wherever God is welcome.

Today, as we witnessed the completion of our company’s faithful presentation of the Global Day of Prayer being live streamed in the center of our home, I was struck by Signature VP of Spirituality Dianne Timmering’s use of the word ‘welcome’ as she extended thanks to all the leaders of faiths represented on the stage at our beautiful home office in Louisville, Kentucky.

Nearly seven years ago, when I came to The Bridge, I was made to feel welcome even though I was a stranger to everyone here. Since that time of orientation into a new way of life and service for me, as I began to learn how to function as a chaplain I have sensed an ongoing hand of compassion and fellowship from our company and our home. Today, as I listened to the different persons share their thoughts and comments reflecting on their beliefs, I could not help but feel the ‘favor’ Dianne has taught us to ask from God all these years. Just think of all the strife and bitterness we hear about taking place in our world these days. To be able to be part of the peaceful Signature Revolution should cause us to praise God for answering our prayers. Indeed, He is favoring Signature and today’s Global Day of Prayer proves that.

Along this thought of praise toward God for His favor, Tim Hill and I were privileged this week to be involved in the Blessing of the Hands ceremony with some nursing students from the Orlando area who came to The Bridge for their on-the-job training from Carleen Health Care. Most of those present ‘asked’ to be blessed with our frankincense and myrrh, and our prayers. Wow! What a great group to come and serve with us in our Revolution while training to be nurses. We also shared the wonderful history of our company’s expansion in recent years, and they were thrilled to hear of our homes in Florida where they may consider working in the future.

Thank you, Signature HealthCARE, for ‘welcoming’ me into the Revolution and teaching us, as chaplains, how to meet the varied needs of so many different faiths in our global ministry. Isn’t it good to spend our days at work in places we can refer to as ‘paradise’ because God is always ‘welcome,’ just like Dianne has taught us.

– Clif Smith, Chaplain 

Signature HealthCARE and the Department of Spirituality will welcome several spiritual and community leaders to our corporate office in Louisville, KY for our 2015 Interfaith Global Day of Prayer celebration.

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More than 1,000 Signature staff members registered for the recent Spirituality LearnFEST, a virtual learning conference that encouraged participants to consider the impact of spirituality, if fully activated, in a long-term care environment.

And that number doesn’t even include the many who joined in groups, in offices, breakrooms and wherever there were TVs or computers at Signature centers across 10 states to view the live broadcast. The event featured sessions that tied spirituality to numerous aspects of long-term care and health care, from clinical care to legislative involvement and the impact of spirituality in the workplace.

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The Huffington Post posted a story about Signature HealthCARE’s resident vacation to Walt Disney World in December 2014. To read the entire article, click here.

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The newest graduates of The Bridge at Bay St. Joe’s CNA class!


“Magical” was the word of the week as 85 Elders and Stakeholders from various Signature HealthCARE communities arrived at Walt Disney World for the final vacation of 2014.

This is the fourth consecutive year we have taken groups of nursing home residents on the vacations of their dreams. In past years, large groups have traveled to a single destination. However, last year, in an effort to accommodate a wider variety of preferences, Signature took smaller groups to several different destinations, including BostonAtlantic CityPanama City Beach and Gatlinburg.

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View the SHC 2014 Year In Review

Expansion. Adaptation. Innovation.

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