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Thank you for visiting The Bridge at Bay St Joe. For more information call us at 850-229-8244. We look forward to sharing our exciting happenings and ideas with you!

I wanted to brag on Chaplain Clif Smith, of Bay St. Joe, for a minute. I spoke to Chaplain Clif to confirm he had everything needed for the recent wellness fair at his facility. What an inspiring conversation we had – Chaplain Clif goes out of his way to connect with the stakeholders!

For at least the last three months he comes in early to make himself available to the stakeholders for prayer, conversation or just some sugar-free gum! In addition, he walks up and down the halls telling the stakeholders how special they are, giving out his business card, with his cell phone number, and handing out sugar free gum. At orientation he makes sure he tells the stakeholders that he is available to them whenever they would need him, even at 2:00 in the morning, and that they can consider him a friend…and gives out more sugar-free gum.

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Gulf County Health Partners generously donated $1000 to The Gulf County Senior Citizen’s Association. The Bridge at Bay St Joe hosted the monthly luncheon meeting and members presented Executive Director, Russ Scholz the check.


Students from Port St Joe High School’s HOPE Program (Health Opportunity through Physical Education) took part of a teen outreach plan on Friday, Aprill 11th. Many students came and helped to plant new flowerbeds, placed new bird feeders, and had a great time interacting with the residents.

This HOPE program has participated in many activities this year giving back to their communities.  Some of the exciting work has been beach clean-up, making and delivering blankets to veterans, washing animals at the local Humane Society, and maintenance at eh Wolf Preserve in Washinton County.  The HOPE program also delivered cards to our residents at Christmas and Valentine’s Day!

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Celebrating success with Mr. Coatney on his departure!

Admin week

We all love our Administrator, Ron Reid!